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Dr. Kim LIVE

Learn more about precision measurement, frequency building, and Chartlytics, which offers an outcome-based platform built around the science of behavioral measurement. Learning outcomes include acceleration of growth targets such as self-care, cognitive goals, sporting and artistic performance, vocational skills, and academics. Reductive targets range from bad habits and mild misbehavior to tantrums and severe aggression. Chartlytics succeeds because of its 2 proprietary factors: precision measurement and frequency building. Ready to learn more? Be sure to follow our channel now so you don't miss the upcoming 8th season of #TMWTDT which will also get you ready for this workshop!

Interested in learning more about our Season 8 #TMWTDT Guest-Host? 

Meet Dr. Rick Kubina, co-founder of Chartlytics. Rick has worked as a professor at Clarion University (1999-2000) and The Pennsylvania State University (2000-present). He is currently a Professor of Special Education and teaches courses on methods of teaching reading, information assessment, behavior analysis, and single case design. He researches and teaches on the science of individual measurement and performance/learning improvement and has c onducted wide-ranging #research in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, and graphical display of #data. He serves on a number of editorial boards for behavioral and special education journals.

Rick completed his undergraduate degree at Youngstown State University, where he first learned about Precision Teaching and how to best measure and display individual behavior. Then he received his master's degree in special education at The Ohio State University, where he further learned about measurable educational practices and implementing effective change procedures. After working for three years as a behavioral specialist and special education teacher, he returned to Ohio State and earned his doctoral degree. Rick continues to conduct research, mentor students, and publish papers and books on the science of graphical display and powerful performance change methods.

Rick has an awesome wife, three children in college, and boatload of student loan debt he still pays 15 years after his glory days as a student.

His numerous publications are available at Over 50 years and 1,000 peer-reviewed research articles support the science of Precision Teaching that undergirds the Chartlytics framework.

We can't wait to share more #Information and #resources about these amazing #events and our outstanding host all during January with YOU @drkimlivesocial!!!

Resolve challenging behavior expeditiously and effectively. Gain the skills and knowledge for success through 2 days of hands-on intensive and interactive sessions. Precision Teaching equips you to pinpoint behavior, leverage dimensional properties of behavior, quantify behavior, and swiftly implement function based interventions.

Chartlytics was founded in May 2014. Co-founders Dr. Rick Kubina and Dave Stevens met at one of Dr. Kubina’s presentations at Penn State University. There, Mr. Stevens was inspired by the power of Precision Teaching to help kids that need a little extra attention. The two partnered up to develop the Chartlytics platform: providing the science and technology of learning.

Today, Chartlytics has built a science-based, SaaS web platform that provides robust and scalable precision measurement and data visualization that targets the needs of the special education and autism markets.

Chartlytics also offers coaching, supervision, and workshops to educators, behavioral professionals, and anyone wanting to change behavior and change lives through Precision Teaching.

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